Welcome to Bodecker

We're a communications agency with expertise across all areas of marketing, graphics, photography and the web. Based in Chester, we work with clients all over the UK to produce great results.


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Professional Results, Amateur Prices

We have no cars on finance, no account managers and no plush office furniture.
We do have, is great skills, which is all we really need to produce brilliant work.


A website to do more?

If you’ve had a website for more than a couple of years, chances are that you should probably be thinking about updating it. Recent improvements in website technology could mean that you are missing out on new advancements that could make a real difference to your online presence. A great looking website will improve your brand and help you engage more with your current and potential clients.

Are you mobile yet?

If your website is not mobile compliant then customers won’t be able to see your content easily and the big search engines will place you lower in their search results. Even though you might be able to view your website on a mobile phone, don’t assume that your website is mobile compliant, especially if your site is a few years old.


In-house capabilities - keeping costs down