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Print has been around for a long time and will still be around for a long time to come. The medium can communicate so much to the reader, simply through touch and feel. The thickness of the paper, the texture, the glossiness, all help to re-enforce your brand and its values. And that’s even before there’s a drop of ink on the page. We love designing for print and believe it should always play a part in any communications strategy.




Using letters and fonts creatively can bring a whole new dimension to copy, adding impact and visual interest. It’s a craft in its own right and in the right hands, very effective at bringing a page to life.







Logo design is a very specialised form of graphic design. Take this example for our client ‘AXIS Paragliding’. We made over 50 variations of the letter ‘X’ alone, before we were happy.  

The final result might seem like it was effortlessly created, but the reality is that there was  much work done to produce a logo that we and the client could be proud of.




Often, products that you think are real, on TV adverts and in magazines are actually created using CGI. We have the in-house capability to produce such images. One benefit of these images is that they can be a very cost effective way to demonstrate a product in operation or to show how parts are assembled.

The robots (pictured) were built by our in-house 3D graphics department and can be fully animated.




From icons to product diagrams, whatever type of illustration your need, we can help. The great thing about illustrations is how they can create a visual impact on the mind, in that way that photos sometimes can’t. Another skill we offer in-house.



Sometimes known as ‘Photoshopping’ or ‘Retouching’, the editing and manipulation of photos is almost always integral to our work process. Here are some of our examples.