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We have the expertise to photograph all types of interiors, including hotels, restaurants, heritage sites, offices, gyms and schools.




Ah! The great outdoors. But not always kind to the photographer who has to get the photos in the bag. Over the years we’ve perfected a few tricks up our sleeve to mitigate against bad weather come rain or shine.




Capturing people at their most natural state takes a special kind of photographer. You have to be able to put people at ease whilst also being able to keep to the brief. Knowing your camera inside-out is also essential to be able to adapt quickly to changes in lighting and composition. It’s one of our favourite styles of photography.




We can produce all types of product shots. Our all-white studio gives us the ability to produce the classic ‘neutral’ background for use in catalogues and ecommerce sites, but nothing quite compares to showing products in the environment in which they are meant to be used. You’d be amazed how far we are prepared to go to get the right shot.




It’s a funny thing – taking a photo of an old building. You never really know if your picture might one day be viewed in many years to come, as a reference to how things used to be. We take care over every type of picture we take, but there’s an extra sense of duty about photographing old buildings. The opinion of the client is always paramount to us, but it’s great to think that some people might still be looking at our shots in many years to come.


You have a job to do: You need to scout for the right location, get there very early to get the best position and then wait, camera in hand for the moment the peloton comes into view. Then you have a 2 second window to make sure you get the race leader in shot and in focus. Amateurs need not apply.